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Zapytanie ofertowe: Burst test - project R744

Opublikował: Administrator Elzbieta BIEL
Tel.: 122771300
Data publikacji: 2017-07-14
Numer: KOM/0064
Kategoria: Testy

Termin składania ofert: 2017-07-21

Valeo logo

  Skawina, 14.07.2017


“Innovative heat exchangers with CO2 as natural coolant - breakthrough technologies adapted to electric vehicles”


Valeo Autosystemy Sp. z o.o.



ul. Przemysłowa 3, 32-050 Skawina


NIP (Tax ID):



Notice status



Contract object description


Valeo Engine Cooling in Skawina is requesting proposals from contractors for:

Burst test according to DIN  SPEC 74104 2014

Due to intellectual property protection considerations, the documentation, drawings or technical data required to prepare the proposal will be made available at the bidder's request by the entity executing the project. During project lifetime the test will be repeated consequently in each of project phases.

Contract person for the notice:

Maciej Pędras – R&D Engineer


phone: +48 728 402 198

Submission deadline for the proposal: 21-07-2017

Place and method of proposal submission

Proposals may by submitted by electronic mail, to the following address: or by mail to the company's address, by 21-07-2017. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be examined. The date of proposal submission to the Employer decides on the proposal's status. The Contractor may modify or withdraw its proposal before the lapse of the proposal submission deadline. The Employer may request clarifications to the contents of proposals submitted by the Bidders. The decision on the award of the contract is final, and the award decision is not subject to appeal. Any questions should be addressed to the contact person.


Notice category



Place of contract delivery:

Province: Małopolskie, District : Kraków, Locality: Skawina


Purpose and object of contract

Award of the contract to the entity manufacturing a tool required for project execution.


CPV code:



CPV code description:

Tests and evaluation


Contract implementation schedule

Time for completion: 5 working days


List of documents/declarations required from the Contractor

The following Bidders are eligible to submit their proposals: 

  1. have the technical capacity and personnel available to deliver the contract to top standard,

  2. their economic and financial standing ensures delivery of the contract,

  3. in exceptional cases submit documents evidencing actual costs incurred. Those documents should also indicate the scope of the executed works and their costs, including the cost of any margin stipulated by contracts with contractors and subcontractors.

  4. The Bidders submit declarations attesting that they comply with the above criteria.
    The Employer reserves the right to request, from all or from selected Bidders, submission of documents evidencing compliance with the above criteria, should it be in doubt as to the Bidder's actual situation.


Proposal evaluation criteria and award of points:

The Employer will evaluate valid proposals using the following criteria:

  1. Price 70% =  max. 70 points

  2. Time for completion 30% =  max. 30 points


1) Points for the price criterion will be calculated on the basis of the following formula:

PKC= CON/COB x 70 pts  

PKC – points for the price criterion,

CON – is the most advantageous price (lowest price)

COB – is the price of the evaluated proposal.

2)Points for the completion date criterion will be calculated on the basis of the following formula:

  1. the proposal whose time for completion is 6-7 days will be awarded 5 points

  2. the proposal whose time for completion is 4-5 days  will be awarded 15 points

  3. the proposal whose time for completion is less than 5 days  will be awarded 30 points

  4. Each proposal whose time for completion is longer than 7 days will be rejected.   


3) Points awarded for each criterion will be added up. The entity obtaining the greatest number of points will be awarded the contract.



Contractors with personal or equity links to the Employer will be excluded from the award procedure. Personal o equity links are understood as mutual links between the Employer and persons authorised to incur obligations on behalf of the Employer or persons performing, on behalf of the Employer, activities involved with the preparation and conduct of the contract award procedure on the one hand and the contractor on the other hand, involving in particular:

  1. being a partner in a civil-law partnership or another partnership,

  2. holding at least 10% of shares or stocks,

  3. performing duties of a supervisory or management body, acting as a commercial proxy or agent,

  4. being in a marital relationship, lineal relationship by blood or affinity, lateral relationship by blood up to second degree, or by affinity up to second degree, or a relationship by adoption, care or guardianship.

Thank you for your interest in the request for proposals. We request your submission of the proposal that complies with the above requirements.